GPS formula is a multisport tool & livetracking system for training sessions and online competitions. An italian innovative startup that operates in the fitness sector through a proprietary multisport platform that integrates a gps data analysis software and an App with tracking and live tracking functions, that analyse users' sports performance data, through specific proprietary algorithms related to the main outdoor disciplines. 
Thanks to GPS Formula it's possible to compare the results of sports sessions performed in different places and environmental conditions, allowing registered users to compete online with other users from all over the world.

The GPS Formula proposal differs from the main competitors thanks to a proprietary technology that allows greater flexibility and versatility in the provision of services, in particular the GPS algorithms make it possible:

  • With a different algorithm for each disciplines you can now compare different performances and compete with other riders everywhere and anytime. with a GPS Score that makes performances in different environmental conditions and in different places comparable.
  • Include many outdoor disciplines
  • B2B services dedicated to companies and event organizers thanks to the customization of the competition environments
  • The model was validated thanks to numerous tests carried out in different conditions and during official competitions, as well as by important collaborations with recognized partners
  • WEB version (launched in 2018) and the app for Android (launched in 2019) are used frequently by about 5,000 professional users from all over the world.
  • Multidisciplinary team, Sports and IT experts with decades of experience and a consolidated network of knowledge 




GPSFORMULA World Championship

Published 07/12/2022